Reopening UUYO 2.75

Three weeks ago we announced and instituted a hybrid method of offering in-person services along with the Zoom meetings that have sustained us through the pandemic.

While we had a good initial in-person service, the following weeks have been such a challenge that the Board decided on Thursday, September 16, 2021, to revert to Zoom only Sunday services.

The combination of life events and the possibility of sudden weather complications present too many obstacles for us to be successful in the hybrid effort at this time.

Our AV team consists of three dedicated volunteers – Andy Crabb, Lola Lewis, and Tim Raridon – who willingly devote countless hours of research, installation and testing of equipment, online and in-person troubleshooting, and numerous other unseen efforts to make our Zoom services happen. So far there have been 79 virtual Sundays!

We are all anxious for more face-to-face contact with others in the UUYO community so we hope to focus on social gatherings to be held outdoors – story nights, movies, game nights, concerts, and any other activity that can be imagined. If you are interested in planning and implementing such an event please email or call 330-746-3067 or 330-559-1683.

Until we are more optimistic about the safety of our congregation being inside the building we will maintain a plan to allow in-person gatherings on the outdoor patio where masks will be required.

All services will be recorded and available on YouTube.