• Rummage Sale Sept. 28th – 30th.

    For three days we will be selling your stuff to benefit the church. Thurs- Sat September 28 – 30 9:00 to 4:00. Please bring your gently used items to the church by Sunday September 24th. We also need help before and during the sale with pricing, organizing and checking out customers. Contact dre@uuyo.org 
  • Sunday Worship September 24th 11 AM Water Communion

    Taken next to Laternman’s Mill, Youngstown, OH Join us as we celebrate Water Communion with the beginning of Fall. Bring water from your home or a place that is special to you, and come prepared to share briefly which place you find special. Rev. Joseph Boyd – Minister Kathleen Hogue – Director of Religious Exploration Gary Davenport – Lay ...
  • Fall Equinox Celebration Saturday, September 23rd 6:30 pm

    Fall Equinox Celebration UUYO & Friends invite you to celebrate this year’s Fall Equinox with us! Come for food, fun, and fellowship as we celebrate the harvest season and the balance of light and dark.Bring a savory or sweet dish to share. September 23rd6:30 PM— Doors Open | 7:00 PM— Opening Ceremony
  • Zazenkai Day Long Meditation Sat. Sept. 23rd 7:30 am

  • Living Universalism

    Wednesday, July 26th, 7 pm Join us in Schweitzer Lounge and on Zoom. We’ll look at some of the roots of Universalism through Origen of Alexandria and explore modern day interpretations of Universalism beyond Christianity.
  • Foreign Policy

    Sunday, July 23rd, 12:30 pm This might be a good time to look at u.s. policy toward Russia and Vladimir Putin. Are the sanctions working? To what extent? What more can be done short of war?  Schweitzer Lounge Creative photograph of abstract, vitality design background color image. Photograph can be used for background, wallpapers, book covers or ...
  • UUYO Lawn & Gardens

    Sunday July 16th, 12:15 pm. About 3,000 square feet of lawn we own lies like an empty canvas before us. What could it be doing for our human and non-human neighbors and how may that be achieved? To begin, let’s think creatively together.  Join us in Schweitzer Lounge after Service.
  • July Minister’s Writing

    Universalism – July’s Theme“It must be everybody or nobody,” when questioned who would ultimately be in Heaven . Abraham Lincoln I usually take the period around the 4th of July to reflect on America, and my role in its present reality. I think each of us has a much greater influence on the whole of things ...
  • Summer Solstice Celebration at Country side Farm Market

    June 21st 6:45 pm 4684 Center Road Lowellville OH 44436 A highlight at UUYO’s solar holiday celebrations is the fellowship table. We invite everyone to bring a small sweet or savory dish to share. New Location: Countryside Farm Market
  • Foreign Policy

    Sunday, May 28th, 12 pm Schweitzer Lounge Subsequent to the arrest and probable murder of Mahasa Amini by the “Morality Police”, Iran erupted into mass demonstrations. Far more extensive than previous protests. This would be a good time for another look at U.S. policy toward Iran.