May 29 – “Observing Memorial Day”

Bob LaVallee

In light of the fact the USA has been at war in Afghanistan and Iraq for more than 15 years, how should we observe Memorial Day? Former Marine and civilian contractor in Afghanistan (and now candidate for UU ministry) Bob LaVallee will reflect on war, mourning and the possibility of change.  


Robin Goist - 11760207_10204902694791460_7942540394055551863_nI am so incredibly thankful that I was raised in a UU church, specifically UUYO which is so accepting, and accommodating, and beautiful. Thank you for standing in solidarity with marginalized populations. Thank you for showing me what community looks like. As I attend college in Cleveland, I am able to be a community organizer because of the fundamental beliefs of Unitarianism. And I cannot be more thankful and blessed for that.